Provide a resource facility with reference materials, research and articles
  • The reference materials  include guidance for NEDs and trustees. Selected reading contains articles and books that provide key strategic insights, useful tips and information in a range of areas.
  • Reports provide access to a wide range of global research reports especially from the UK, USA and Australia
Training & Events
These include a range practical workshops, events and master classes
  • For directors and equivalent governing bodies of public entities and business organisations (including companies) of the importance and rationale for having Women Directors on Boards
  • Master classes for women to help in how you might plan for board roles or seeking to add a new NED role to your portfolio in the future.  Learn about what it takes to be a director and strategies for including board work in your career.
  • To provide personal support, connections and encouragement through networking events are informal, friendly and fact-filled events with a guest speaker.
  • Opportunities to develop your professional network attended by like-minded people and gain practical information and insights at both information and events, focussing on you connecting with people who can help with your executive and board career
  • To inspire you by hearing from successful and influential directors and provide you access to these role models.
Access to Board Vacancies
This is achieved in two ways:
  • Identify competent women and compile a register of suitable candidates for posts on boards of directors and equivalent governing bodies of public entities and business organisations including companies
  • Encourage those looking to appoint women directors to post their vacancies with WDM so our members can apply for such opportunities
  • To highlight the importance and participation of women on boards of directors and equivalent governing bodies of public entities and business organisations (including companies)
  • Create awareness and publicity for the members of the association to help them get posts
  • Liaise with international women associations having similar objects