WDM events and workshops are focused on informing, inspiring and connecting women aspiring to board roles now or in the future, through strategic networking events with recognised directors and periodic professional development workshops. They provide you with opportunities to network with like-minded others and gain practical information and insights.

Events are focussed on you connecting with people who can help with your executive and board career, while our workshops are practical, how-to information sessions to help you put your plan into action.

Key benefits

  • An understanding of what it means to be a director and the types of experience which are in demand in the boardroom
  • Access to board members in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors
  • A network of contacts in other business/ professional, the public, not-for-profit and government sectors
  • Pointers to professional development to be an attractive candidate to boards
  • A list of target boards and a strategy for a board career
  • The opportunity to register an interest in taking up board positions
  • Information about board opportunities

WDM Networking Events with Guest Speakers

These informal, friendly and fact-filled events provide opportunities to develop your professional network through informal events attended by like-minded people. They are designed to inspire you by hearing from successful and influential directors and provide you access to these role models.

Getting Started: Realising Your Board Potential

Our Getting Started workshop is designed for women to achieve more from their career and encourages you to consider how you might plan for board roles or seeking to add a new NED role to your portfolio in the future.  Learn about what it takes to be a director and strategies for including board work in your career.

Boardroom Topics

Our Boardroom Conversations are designed to inspire and educate you on a variety of boardroom topics and about the many and varied types of board roles available.

Master classes -more in-depth help in

1.      Board Recruitment

2.      Choosing your first Board

3.      Common CV mistakes

4.      What makes a good Board CV

5.      Developing high quality, board-ready CV

6.      Write a good cover letter

7.      Communicating with impact.



My Mentor is an extension of WDM’s professional development programmes.  Members can access experienced women and men to guide and support them to address specific career challenges and/or develop a more structured approach to their professional career or board strategy

Corporate Sponsor Workshops

We deliver workshops for both public and private organisations on the economic and strategic benefits of having women directors on boards, using the latest research and evidence.
How access to a database of potential candidates can be of value to them.