‘Women in Power’ – An EU funded project 

Maria Cassar, a WDM board member is Malta’s representative.

What is ‘Women in Power’?

Women in Power’ aims to become a tool to support equality and gender balance in European boards of directors, providing women working in the traditional sectors (footwear, textile and furniture) the opportunity to acquire skills and competencies that improve their sectorial and managerial skills, thus promoting gender equality and the advancement of women in the European society. ‘

Women in Power’ also wants to facilitate participation and access to education through a free online training available in several languages that will be specially designed to accommodate the training needs of a group of women who often have little secondary and tertiary education, but who have a deep knowledge about the industries in which they work. As women represent half of the global talent pool, it’s imperative that they should have the same opportunities to be at the forefront of the European economic and social scene. This will ensure that the best minds, without any gender distinction, are together addressing the challenges Europe faces.

Why and for whom is ‘Women in Power’ relevant?

The expected impact as a result of this project’s outcome, which includes the consolidated training methodology developed by all the partners, will ultimately provide the development that women need in order to be empowered in furthering their career, also raising awareness on gender leadership education. The effect of this project is anticipated for women inside or outside the corporate mainstream, including entrepreneurs, academics, civil servants and senior women with professional service backgrounds.

More information can be obtained by visiting:  http://www.womeninpower.eu